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Open Source

OpenSocial has a strong commitment to open source and a practical approach where implementation and standardization (specs) to go hand-in-hand.  There are several options available in open source to get started building OpenSocial applications or adding support into your own environment.

OpenSocial Explorer

Fork me on GitHub The OpenSocial Explorer is a tool to help developers learn how to build OpenSocial gadgets. The goal of the OpenSocial Explorer is to demonstrate how to use all the features and APIs that are part of the OpenSocial specification. Besides the samples, the OpenSocial Explorer has an editor which allows developers to tweak the gadget to learn more about the specific features and APIs the sample is demonstrating. After modifying the sample the OpenSocial Explorer allows developers to re-render the gadget to see how the changes effect the sample.

Get started!

 Apache Shindig


Apache Shindig is the reference implementation of OpenSocial Specification, a standard set of Social Network APIs which includes:

  • Profiles
  • Relationships
  • Activities
  • Shared applications
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

Apache Shindig serves as standard compliant foundation of APIs services and container features that power many of the vendors supporting OpenSocial today!

Download the latest release and get started!

Apache Rave

The goal for Apache Rave is to become a lightweight and open-standards based extendible platform for using, integrating and hosting OpenSocial and W3C Widget related features, technologies and services. It will also provide strong context-aware personalization, collaboration and content integration capabilities and a high quality out-of-the-box installation as well as be easy to integrate in other platforms and solutions.

Download and get started!

Live Samples

There are two hosted OpenSocial containers that provide an easy hosted option for building out and testing the integration of applications and services through OpenSocial Gadgets, Embedded Experiences and Social APIs

OpenSocial Accelerator

The OpenSocial Accelerator provides a hosted instance of Apache Rave that makes it easy to create, manage and deploy applications to your dashboard.


OpenSocial Sandbox

The OpenSocial sandbox provides a hosted example that makes it easy for a developer to quickly build and prototype applications leveraging Embedded Experiences, and many of the new features introduced in 2.0.

Other Examples

There are a number of samples that are available to help you get started:

See more examples at OpenSocial on Github